Abolished in 2008 by amendment of the Defence and Armed Forces Act.

Conscientious objection:


First recognised in Constitution, Article 59 Paragraph 2.

Pursuant to Article 183 of the Republic of Bulgaria Defence and Armed Forces Act (RBDAFA), servicemen shall not refuse to perform their duties for religious, atheist, political or ideological reasons or disseminate religious or atheist propaganda when performing their service duties.

Pursuant to RBDAFA, enlistment for military service occurs on the basis of a military service contract entered into with the Minister of Defence or with an official duly authorized thereby. The procedure, terms and conditions regarding the conclusion and termination of such military service contract are laid down in the Rules on the Implementation of the RBDAFA. It does not contain provision for termination of the military service contract on account of “conscientious objection” but it provides for an option for early termination of the military service contract on mutual consent of the parties or through a written notification by the service member.













No conscription

Voluntary enlistment:


Pursuant to Article 141 of the RBDAFA, those subject to enlistment for military service shall be persons who have reached the age of majority, set at 18, and who are capable and in good physical and psychological condition. This is also the age of enrolment for / commencement of wartime military service in the event of declaration of state of war, martial law or a state of emergency pursuant to Article 116 of the RBDAFA.


https://ebco-beoc.org/bulgaria including the reply of the Ministry of Defence to the Questionnaire about EBCO’s Annual Report 2022 (e-mail on 31/01/2023).

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