Approximately two thirds of males serve the military service.

Conscientious objection:


First recognised by Alternative Service Act, 4th June.





or ~8.5 or ~11.5 (The exact service durations in the military are 165, 255 or 347 days)



(The exact service duration in the non-military service is 347 days)





In case of partial compulsory mobilization minimum age is 18 years. In case of general compulsory mobilization also those who are not yet served in military but turn 18 years that year can be called for service. So minimum age for general compulsory mobilization is 17 years. This includes war time.

Voluntary enlistment:




In 2022, there were 2418 applications to non-military service, which means a significant increase from 1991 applications in 2021. In addition, 3808 reservists declared conscientious objection and were ordered to attend a five-day supplementary service under the command of the Non-military Service Centre. The amount of applications to the supplementary service reached its historical record high (e.g. in 2021 there were 435 applications and the previous record from 2015 was only 985 applications). There were 34 prosecutions because of refusal to perform non-military service in 2022 (total objectors). There was also one prosecution due to refusing military service (another way to total objection).

The UN Human Rights Council

In 2022 Finland was under its fourth Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Finland received five recommendations regarding its provisions for conscientious objection to military service, more than it has ever had before. Please check section Human Rights Council.

Voluntary military service for women

Finnish women aged 18 to 29 may apply to the voluntary military service if their state of health is suitable for undertaking military training. Once the voluntary service has started, there is a consideration period, during which women can denounce interrupting the service without any consequences. Following this time period, they become liable for military service, and if they declare conscientious objection, they become liable for non-military service. In April 2022, the consideration period was shortened from 45 to 30 days.