Reintroduced in 2015 (previously suspended in 2009).

Highly selective conscription: approximately 3,800 conscripts are called annually from the pool of all the potential draftees (~30,000).

  Conscientious objection:


First recognised by the Law on Substitute Service of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic.














Voluntary enlistment:




According to the replies of the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania to the Questionnaire about EBCO’s Annual Report 2019 (e-mails on 19/12/2019 and 31/12/2019):

The conscripts soldiers will be chosen from the pool of all the potential draftees (conscripts) (~30,000), who are fit for service (medical reasons, no grounds for deferment) prioritizing by their place in the current calendar year draftee list. Current calendar year draftee list was made by computer program assigning random number to all available draftees and including the first 30,000 into the list. Left out were due to the various reasons, delineated in the Law on Military Conscription, and which we see in the Conscript database of Lithuania, such as students, politicians, judges, Interior affairs system officers, persons with disabilities etc. Draftee quantity was calculated according to the data and experience of earlier drafts. Students are excluded because of the regulations of Law of Military Conscription. Conscripts living abroad were included in the draftee list. Also, 18-38 years old men and women can enroll into initial continuous military service voluntarily. Approximately 3,800 military conscripts are called in each year.

A person from 18 years of age can serve in conscript service.

All conscientious objectors in Lithuania are citizens which are drafted to perform compulsory military services. At any time during conscription administrative procedures draftee have a right to fill application for alternative service. Lithuania’s conscription act stipulates what draftees have a right to refuse to perform military service on the basis of religious or pacifist motives, which prevents from using arms. After application is filled, conscription administrative procedures are suspended until special administrative body examines validity of draftees claim. After receiving opinion of special administrative body, Military recruitment and conscription service of Lithuanian armed forces adopts decision to support claim or deems it groundless. All administrative procedures are performed by Military recruitment and conscription service. After successful draftees claim, Military recruitment and conscription service call upon local authorities and government agencies to provide a need for workforce. Priorities are given to a placement’s which offers position similar to draftee’s qualification.

In 2017 there were 9 CO applications, in 2018 14, in 2019 21. Special administrative body examined all these applications. But no one started alternative service.

Lithuanian Conscription Act Article 17 states that conscripts are permitted to perform alternative service if certain circumstances are fulfilled: a) Conscript are drafted to perform military service. This entails that conscript is included in annually compiled list of conscript’s which are drafted to perform military service and received fairly low list number which is sufficient to conscript to be drafted. All conscription administrative procedure are based on conscript list number; b) Conscript health condition has been recognized as eligible for military service; c) Conscript application for alternative service has been approved as valid by special administrative body. Conscripts are allowed to perform alternative service only if all above mentioned circumstances are present. For example a conscript’s application for alternative service can be deemed as valid and health condition recognized as eligible, but because of high conscription list number, the administrative procedures in regard to certain conscript will not be finished. In regards to very low application number per year, all conscripts who made a claim to perform alternative service failed to fulfill necessary conditions.

Lithuanian conscript act doesn’t recognize “conscientious objector” status nor there is special registry designated for that purpose. All conscript administrative procedures are performed on annual basis for current conscription. Because of that, a conscript whose claim for alternative service has been approved as valid will have to make same claim in future.

Conscript service is 9 months long, and alternative service is 10 months long.

Draftees who avoid compulsory military service are punishable by administrative fines. There are three types of administrative fines for conscripts:

1.       avoid carrying military conscripts duties – from 30 to 140 Eur;

2.       failure to appear for compulsory military service – from 140 to 300 Eur;

3.       failure to provide data for military draftee record – from 30 to 1,500 Eur.

If the imposition of administrative liability does not compel conscripts to fulfill their duties, criminal liability can be applied. The conscripts who avoid call up procedures for a long time and for several times can be punished by fine or arrest. Fines are imposed by the courts and can be up to 1,000 Eur.

Lithuania’s conscription act doesn’t provide any remedies for serving members of the military personnel who develop a conscientious objection.