Brussels, 9-4-2019 Erik Hummels - Lawyer for peace 1949 – 2019

Erik studied law, and became a lawyer. Coming from a catholic family he joined the Quakers. He was a pacifist and a peace-activist.

He defended in court all kinds of objectors to military service, conscientious objectors as well as total objectors and those within the army who objected the use of nuclear  arms. Erik was a fighter, he would never give in or give up. Also a skilled lawyer who could use all possibilities of the law. This brought him with his clients tot he highest courts in the Netherlands, and after that also tot the European Court in Strassbourg. With other lawyers he wrote the text of a law that would make it  possible not to pay taxes for military expenditures. This law was debated in parliament and rejected. He also, with his wife , took part in a group that tried to abolish nuclear weapons by a court decision.

He was member of the board of EBCO, the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection, and served as treasurer. 

In 2016 his wife died, and he became an Alzheimer patient. He had to leave his house and accept an appartment as part of a nursing home. He became uncertain about time and places, but he kept his strong opinions.

He died through a bleeding in his brains on the 26th of january 2019, 69 years old.

One of his colleages wrote recently: this man was his message.

His rememberance may strengthen us to continue.

Hans Dijkman

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