Brussels 18/9 - EBCO event on Peace Day 2020: Online screening of the documentary "People of Peace"

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace 2020 on September 21st, EBCO is organizing a web screening of Maria Papaliou's famous documentary "People of Peace"
The documentary recalls and illustrates impressively the permanent timeliness of Greek philosophers and writers who stand for a peace loving culture of resistance to war. The cultural and intellectual tradition shaped by them underlines the urgency to stop the ongoing discrimination against conscientious objectors which regrettably continues to dominate politics in Greece and other countries worldwide.” EBCO’s President Friedhelm Schneider stated today.
EBCO is very grateful to Maria Papaliou for giving its network the permission to screen her striking documentary on this occasion.
You can watch the film online on September 21st at 18:00 CET here:
“People of Peace”is based mainly on excerpts from ancient Greek writers, as far as the narration is concerned, and uses scenes from conflicts of the last century that demonstrate their devastating effects on the earth and humanity. The excerpts are read by leading personalities of our times, who have taken a stand against the culture of war and destructiveness, such as the Nobel Prize winner Nelson Mandela, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres, the artists Fernando Botero, Theo Angelopoulos, Mikis Theodorakis (who also offered his music for the documentary) and others. These excerpts were selected because when it came to war the ancient Greeks considered it their supreme duty to exercise self-criticism and refrained from succumbing to arrogance when they were victorious. Uttered by these personalities, their words acquire a new force and become the actual, present-day language used to express opposition to war.