17 December 2011, international day of action for Bradley Manning

Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia


Russian-wide NGO "Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia"  The Russian-wide NGO "Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia" was established in April 1989. The Soldiers’ Mothers’ Committee of Russia was registered as a Russian-wide public organization

Civil Campaign "For Alternative Civilian Service in Belarus"


The International Secretariat, EBCO's headquarters, is located in Brussels, Belgium.

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The online General Assembly of EBCO, on 14 November 2020, has elected EBCO’s board for the next three years:

Board / Maximum 15 members according to the rules of the association


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Owner and account number: EBCO Account 001-1076165-26
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In this section we would like to provide you with important documents on the conscientious objection issue. Below you will find a short overview that you can view or download.


International Convention on the 40 years of the right to conscientious objection and civilian service in Italy, December 2012 | Link to the interventions |

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2011 |  EBCO report to the Council of Europe

About EBCO

The European Bureau for Conscientious Objection (EBCO) was founded in 1979 as an umbrella organisation for national associations of conscientious objectors, with the aim of promoting collective campaigns for the release of the imprisoned conscientious objectors and lobbying the European governments and institutions for the full recognition of the right to conscientious objection to military service.

EBCO promotes:


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