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Cut global military spending now!

Global day of action on military spending, April 17th 2012

EBCO participates in the Global Day of Action on Military Spending 2.0 organising a joint action with other organisations and groups in Syntagma square, Athens, Greece - a country which keeps spending so much on military, while its people are suffering so much from the harsh austerity measures.


Comité de Coordination pour le Service Civil

17 December 2011, international day of action for Bradley Manning

Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia


Russian-wide NGO "Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia"  The Russian-wide NGO "Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia" was established in April 1989. The Soldiers’ Mothers’ Committee of Russia was registered as a Russian-wide public organization

Civil Campaign "For Alternative Civilian Service in Belarus"


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The online General Assembly of EBCO, on 14 November 2020, has elected EBCO’s board for the next three years:

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