Azione nonviolenta, Novembre-Dicembre 2017, (Anno 54, n. 624) Numero monografico dedicato alle politiche estere di pace

Il 2018 sarà buono se la nonviolenza crescerà.Dai una mano con l’abbonamento

TURKEY: Ministry of Defense puts pressure on employers and employees

Article communicated by EBCO's Turkish member organisation VR-DER on 25 Nov 2016
To the press and the public:

While the society is being tried to be made more hostile within each other day by day with the militarist and nationalist speeches that have increased after the termination of the solution process, the militarist pressure on the society is now changing shape.

ECHR accepts objector’s plea against Turkey


CONSCIENTIOUS objector Murat Kanatli, who was jailed in the north for refusing to report for reservist duty, saw his petition against Turkey for breach of human rights accepted by the European Court of Human Rights on Wednesday.

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