EBCO Board

Following the elections in Istanbul, Turkey on 11 October 2014, EBCO’s board for the next three years is the following:

1. Friedhelm Schneider from Germany, President

2. Sam Biesemans from Belgium, Vice-President

3. Merve Arkun from Turkey, Vice-President

4. Jean-Louis Vander Heyden from Belgium, Treasurer

5. Angelos Nikolopoulos from Greece, Secretary General

6. Alexia Tsouni from Greece, Board Member

7. Alena Karaliova from Russia, Board Member

8. Guido Grünewald from Germany, Board Member

9. Claude Verrel from France, Board Member

10. Maurice Montet from France, Board member

11. Piet Dörflinger from Switzerland, Board Member

12. Murat Kanatli from Cyprus, Board Member

13. Gina Chappa from Cyprus, Board Member

14. Jordi Tolra from Catalunya-Spain, Board Member

15. Davut Erkan from Turkey, Board Member

  • Sam BIESEMANS, Special Representative to the European Parliament
  • Friedhelm SCHNEIDER, Special Representative to the Council of Europe
  • Derek BRETT, Special Representative to the United Nations
  • Angelos Nikolopoulos, Delegate to the European Youth Forum