European Court of Human Rights

| 27 November 2012 | Khachatryan and other v Armenia, application no. 23978/06. The European Court of Human Rights  (ECHR) granted several local Jehovah's Witnesses 124,000 Euros in damages from the Armenian government. The individuals filed a complaint in relation to the legality of being arrested for evading military or alternative service.

| 12 June 2012 | Savda v. Turkey, application no. 42730/05. Refusal to grant conscientious objector status is not necessary in a democratic society.

| 17 January 2012 | Feti Demirtaş v. Turkey no. 5260/07. Violation of Article 3, Article 9, anf Article 6 § 1.

| 7 July 2011 | Bayatyan v Armenia, application no. 23459/03. Imprisonment of conscientious objector in Armenia for refusing to do military service violated his right to freedom of religion.

| 22 November 2011 | Erçep v. Turkey, application no. 43965/04. The absence of an alternative to military service in Turkey is in breach of the right to conscientious objection.