Antimilitarist Action Camp in Finland 3rd til 11th June

'Operation Headwind'*  is antimitaristic action camp and come together which takes place in Finnish Northern Karelia in Summer 2015. Come and meet people involved in direct action from Finland and beyond. Come to spend unforgettable week filled with workshops, skill-sharing, discussions, swimming, Finnish sauna culture, music, friendship and of course non-violent direct action in the wilderness and outstanding natural beauty of Karelia! *in Finnish: Vastatuuli


The camp spans 8 days and takes place from Wednesday 3rd June until Thursday 11th June. You may arrive already on Tuesday the 2nd June. You can attend for the entire period or for couple of days, it is up to you. Naturally the longer you stay the better!

On the campsite there is a large old village school building built of logs, plus there is space for campingin surrounding area.. The site is located in the village of Rumo, which is part of municipality called Valtimo situated in Nothern Karelia, Finland. The site is easily accessible, only 600 meters from bus stop and road number 6.

  What is the camp all about? 

Various workshops are taking place during the camp given by regular Jills and Joes like you and me. The workshops that are so far confirmed: lock-on making, climbing, blockading, consensus decision-making, chainsaw handling. If you have a skill or knowledge you want to share, please contact us so your workshop makes it into the schedule. The purpose of the workshops are to expand peoples skills to be used during the camp and afterwards helping participants to reach ones antimilitaristic goals. Taking part in any particular workshop or activity is completely voluntary.

The Finnish military is organising its own war games, called Wihuri (meaning 'gust of wind'), with 10000 soldiers at the same time with our camp in the surrounding area. Our wish as the organisers of this antimilitaristic counter camp that we call Operation Headwind, is that the participants would organise together at least one big coordinated action (day) during the camp.

Smaller actions can be carried out throughout the camp, day and night :) With the actions we want to protest the conscription system and the unnecessary army war games that is designed to further the militarisation of Finnish society.

The base camp in Rumo is designed to serve the activists as a well-organised base to carry out actions from during the entire period of 8 days. We want to encourage people particularly to plan and take part in direct action and civil disobedience. Any form of protest is appreciated, as long as it complies with our non-violent guidelines. Creativity is highly valued!

  How is the camp run? 

At the camp we are all both staff and participants. All the work that is done for the camp is volunteer work, including writing of this text.  The success of Operation Headwind depends largely of  its participants.

Everyones help is needed in daily chores like fetching the water from the well (nope, there is no running water if you do not run while carrying the bucket!), shopping, heating up the sauna, cleaning up, chopping veg, etc. In other words, DIY-spirit is needed on the camp. Every morning we go through the daily schedule and tasks. This way everyone can also feel intensively to be part of the camp. Big decisions are to be made in the camp by using consensus decision-making model.

You can come to the camp with your affiniaty group, with a friend,  or perfectly well just by yourself. One of the objectives of the camp is to bring like-minded people together for future actions and friendship. There is very friendly athmosphare in the camp, no worries, coming to the camp alone won't be a problem. You may be just starting your direct action career or you may have decades of experience; everyone is equally welcome to join!

We think it is crucially important that every participant feels oneself welcome in the camp. We do not tolerate language or behaviour which undermines people in terms of gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, skin color etc. It is very important for all of us to be accepted for who we are, and to have confidence in ourselves. Anyone who persists in inappropriate behaviour may be asked to leave.

  How much does it cost? 

Majority of all expenses are food-related. For this, we ask you to take cash with you to pay about 6 euros per person per day for meals. Money will be collected during mealtimes or with 'a magic hat' and when necessary.


The catering is organised by a cooking collective Vallaton Kyökki. This collective is famous for making tasty, variable and filling vegan food in various activist gatherings and events. Should you have any allergies, please let us know well beforehand.


The Finnish Union of CO's is organising a bus from Helsinki to the camp. The route of the bus is: Helsinki-Lahti-Jyväskylä-Kuopio-Valtimo. The bus will leave on Tuesday the 2nd June at Rauhanasema (near Pasila Railway station in adress Veturitori 3). Return journey takes placer on Friday the 12th June. If needed, another of our busses will drive back to Helsinki already on Sunday 7.6. Price of the trip from Helsinki  is 40 €/one way. If you want to book a place, send a mail to: vastatuuli[at]

If you do not travel by this bus, the campsite is easily reachable by coaches from Joensuu, Kuopio, Nurmes, Oulu and Kajaani. The name of the bus stop is Rumo th (or the bus stop of the Rumo school). There is 600 meter walk from the bus stop to the campsite.  There will be one coach and quite possibly other vehicles in our use during the entire camp. We are glad to help you with timetables or any other information in order to reach the destination smoothly.



There is space for sleeping on the floor in the school gym and one classroom. Some matresses will be provided, but it is recommended to bring your own sleeping mat. Outside there is designated area for tents. A mile further down the road there will be a second campsite.

What do I need at the camp?

You should bring a sleeping-mat and your sleeping bag. There are some matresses at the site, but not enough for everyone. Bringing a tent is not bad idea, especially if you want any private space. Knife, fork, spoon and a deep plate are essential items to bring with you. You will also needsome cash to pay for the food. One day meals cost from 6 to 10 euros,depending of your personal financial situation.

In June the nature here is astonishingly beautiful with hills and forests. It would not be a bad idea to bring your camera or other recording device with. The most important thing to bring is however a positive mind and can-do -attitude: after all, Operation Headwind is profoundly a DIY-camp, not some package holiday. WELCOME!

What not to bring?

It should be clear enough from the outset, but let us spell it out: bringing any kind of weapons or items that can be used as one is absolutely forbidden. We have also zero tolerance for illegal drugs. Dogs and other pets are unfortunately also banned, since there are no facilities for them at the campsite. If you hesitate what to bring and what not, contact us vastatuuli(at)riseup(dot)net


Please let us know by e-mail beforehand if you are planning to atttend so that we are able to reserve enough food and sleeeping places: vastatuuli[at]