Investigation to Merve Arkun - Co-Chairman of the Conscientious Objection Association - Press release of 8 June 2018

An investigation has been opened to our Co-chairman Merve Arkun, by Diyarbakır Office of the Chief Prosecution, due to the activities which were held on the 15th of May, The International Day for Consencious Objectors.
We had organised two-day activities on the 15th of May in 2016, and throughout the activities; we had organised a  press release and declarations of conscientious objection in front of Tahir Elçi city forest, with the title “We Do not Let Amed to Become a Garrison Town”.
After two years, we had learned that an investigation has been opened because of the press release in front of the Tahir Elçi City Forest.

Our Co-chairman Merve Arkun who is accused by “ making propaganda of the organisation”,   went to anti-terror branch of police headquarters on 5th of June, and gave a statement with Gökhan Soysal who is the lawyer of our association .
Arkun  stated many times  that, all around the world, consencious objectors are in anti-war struggle and  that the declaration of the Conscientious Objectors Association  is an anti-war attitude, and that consencious objection is a human right.
Though  the government is trying to frighten and discourage conscientious objectors and antimilitarists with investigations and trials, this will not be successful. We, who defend life against death, who defend peace against war, are not going to give up telling that “Conscientious objection is a human right.”
Merve Arkun is not alone! It is not a crime  to fight for peace!